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Third-Party Integration with LinkMatch

The PCRecruiter API (application programming interface) makes it easy for third-party developers to create connections to PCRecruiter databases. We'd like to call your attention to this integration built by an outside vendor: LinkMatch makes searching LinkedIn for candidates simpler, easier, and faster by telling you which candidates are already in PCRecruiter. The LinkMatch Chrome browser

Two Minute Tuesday: Chrome Shortcuts

Since many of our users are working with Chrome for the first time, or aren’t familiar with some of the handy shortcuts that can be used in it, we thought we’d dedicate this week’s edition to keyboard shortcuts and other tricks for Chrome that’ll come in handy as you work in PCRecruiter.

Postcards from Cleveland

Main Sequence has always been #ClevelandProud, having started here in 1998 and remained a locally-owned and operated organization. Since 2016 was an absolutely epic year for our city, this holiday season we send our clients and friends these "Postcards from Cleveland"… A Big Year for Cleveland This year in our hometown, the world-class Cleveland Museum

Two Minute Tuesday: Resume Inhaler

While the tools in the PCR web interface and the PCR Portal for MS Outlook allow us to drag in a bunch of resumes and parse the contact info from each one to create a new record, this still requires manual confirmation for each record. If we’ve got a backlog of CVs on the hard drive or an email account that’s just collecting incoming resumes, being able to pull all of them into the database without reviewing them one by one can save a ton of time.